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We make it easy for pet lovers and pet breeders to find each other through our classified pet ads. Of course it very important to find responsible pet breeders who post classified pet ads.W e do not encourage irresponsible pet breeders to post and classified pet ads. We encourage all breeders to breed responsibly and anyone who does not will not have access to our site. Buying your pets online from pet owners and pet breeders who take thier time and do whats right is highly appreciated. Knowing this can give you the reassurance that your pet comes from a loving home.

Heart to Heart Pet Stories     Do you have a favorite story or memory about your pet?

Heart to Heart Pet Stories

We want to hear about it. Any story is welcomed, from the funniest memories, heroic memories or miracles. Submit your story to us and we will place your story on oursite so that everyone can hear your heart to heart pet story. Just remember, we can all learn from one another.

Have you ever wondered why pets get cancer. Well, it has a lot to do with the diet. Cancer is a epidemic that is becomming more and more common amoungst people and pets. If you want to keep your pets as healthy as possible, think about incorporating natural food in their diets. It is easy to fall into a regime of feeding your pets, only food that is dry or canned. Think about it? Can you read and understand all the ingredients in your pet’s food. Even though it is almost impossible to feed your pets only natural foods, you should still try to mix up  your pet’s diet with a combination of shelf food and natural food.P.S Please be aware that canned pet food is full of 90% water and does not provide enough nutrition for your pet in the long run.